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Criminal and Procedural Law

Semester 1

  • Legal pract. : Clinical law in SA, SH Mahomed et al, LexisNexis 3rd edition ( 9780409052985), Street law: Practical law for SA (educators guide), Mcquoid Mason et al, Juta 3rd edition (9780702185557)
  • Law of evidence: The law of evidence in SA, Bellengere et al, Oxford University Press SA (PTY) Ltd 2013
  • Applied ethics : Medical ethics law and Human rights, Keymanthri Moodley, Van Schaik latest edition
  • Criminal procedure: Criminal & Procedure Handbook, Joubert, Juta 11th edition (9780702139245)
  • Advanced crim. law
  • Research and reading skills: Skills workbook for law students, A Kok, A Nienaber & F Viljoen, Juta 2nd edition
  • Augmented study
  • Writing skills
  • Augmented writing skills
  • Criminal law: Criminal law in SA –Criminal Justice, G Kemp, Oxford University Press SA (OTY) LTD 2015 2nd edition
  • Law enforcement by peace officers
  • Principles of criminal liability
  • Intro to the constitution & bill of rights
  • Intro to criminology
  • Taking of statements
  • Civil procedure – Civil procedure A Practical Guide, Pete et al Oxford 2nd edition/Superior court act & magistrates courts act/statutes editors Juta (newest)
  • Advanced crim. law
  • Intro to law : Beginners guide for law students, Kleyn D & Viljoen F, Juta 4th edition 2010

Semester 2

  • Criminal law                     
  • Legal practice       
  • Forensic legal evidence : Intro to medico-legal prac. , Dada & Mcquoid Mason, LexisNexis
  • Advocacy skills  
  • Augmented advocacy skills
  • Introduction to criminal investigation : notes
  • Intro to common law & statutory crimes : notes
  • Pre-trial procedures : notes
  • Conduct of a criminal trial : notes
  • Implementation of a law enforcement strategy : notes
  • Sentencing : notes
  • Enforcement of municipal health : notes
  • Enforcement of by-laws by traffic officials : notes