The Nelson Mandela University Law Clinic does Access to Justice through Clinical Legal Education. In other words, the Nelson Mandela University Law Clinic provides Pro Bono legal services to the indigent in certain matters while educating the next generation of lawyers and training them in legal practice.

The Law Clinic is registered and operates as a Legal Firm like all other legal firms except that it assists members of the public who would not ordinarily be able to afford the services of a lawyer. The clinic is staffed by lawyers, candidate attorneys and paralegals that consist of final year students registered for the Legal Practice course.

The Law Clinic is accessible to the indigent community as it is based in Missionvale surrounded by informal and sub –economic human settlements.The clinic operates between 08h00 and 15h30. Telephonic appointments are encouraged and clients have to undergo a means test.


For more information please contact Matilda Smith.