PROF Deon Erasmus

Prof Deon Erasmus is the Head of the Department of Criminal and Procedural Law at the Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth.  He is also the programme co-ordinator of the LLM Coursework degree in Criminal Justice.  Prof Erasmus obtained the degrees B Juris (cum laude) LLB (cum laude) from the former University of Port Elizabeth.  He was awarded a Doctorate of Law by the University of the Free State in 1999.  During his military service he served as a Military Law Officer and joined the Department of Justice where he served as a prosecutor, control prosecutor, regional court prosecutor and state advocate in the High Court.  He is an admitted attorney of the High Court and regularly takes on criminal law briefs in the High Court.

He joined Vista University in 1991 and thereafter joined the Faculty of Law at NMU in 2008.  He lectures in criminal law, criminal procedure and legal practice.  Prof Erasmus delivered 28 papers at national and international conferences and published 24 articles in peer reviewed journals.  He teaches yearly at an international summer school on ‘Law, Crime and Psychology‘ in Prague, Czech Republic and has been invited to teach for 3 months at the University of Maribor, Slovenia in 2021.  His current research areas include the protection of vulnerable groups in the criminal justice system and the prevention of gender-based violence.  Prof Erasmus also present training courses to local government pertaining to the prevention of corruption and organized crime.  He also lectures UNDOC online training courses locally and regionally.